The realXtend Project

Admino Technologies was one of the companies that answered Juha Hulkko’s call in 2007 when he, inspired by the possibilities he saw in emerging Immersive Web technologies, decided to start the realXtend project. The participating companies’ simple, but ambitious goal was to create technology for and gain world-class know-how in creating and utilizing networked virtual reality technology for different business cases.

We did.

Today Admino Technologies offers a full range of options for utilizing Immersive technologies in your daily business, from requirements consulting and engineering through project production to hosting the service online. In addition to internal expertise, as part of the strong community of IT and technology companies around Oulu, we have friends and partners in a variety of disciplines and sciences, giving us access to multi-disciplinary know-how. Creating business value and successful projects with virtual reality technology requires deep understanding of the technology and the customer’s needs as well as the ability to produce reliable systems on a schedule.

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