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Whatever you want would be the easy answer, but in reality things are rarely so simple. Instead, we seek to produce what you need. The possibilities offered by technologies such as realXtend are both virtually limitless in the long term and largely unexplored at the moment. The key to success is in understanding both the technology and its possibilities and the customer’s needs. We can provide the former and are willing to look into the latter, according to your operative requirements.

The most successful spearhead applications of virtual worlds until now have been education and training, not to forget entertainment – having fun while learning or working can help reach extreme results. Thanks to transfer of behavior from reality to the virtual environment and vice versa, experimental learning becomes a powerful tool for general education as well as corporate training. The more demanding the use case is, the better for us. As a networked environment, virtual reality is by nature a powerful tool for getting people from around the world to come together and share.

We wish to find out what keeps you and your business going, what inspires you, create common goals and reach them together.

For content creators and organizations with experience on and clear goals for utilizing virtual reality technologies, we provide a flexible and easy-to-use hosting service, which you can sample by visiting our public worlds.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if your interest has been aroused even a tiny bit by anything you find on our site.

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